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Justin Trudeau's "Forced" 4th Industrial revolution vision for Canada

Updated: May 9, 2023

Justin Trudeau vision for Canada is to create the 4th (FORCED) industrial revolution for all Canadians. His vision is aligned with Klaus Schwab, the WEF, China and their agenda for a social credit score to increase his own ability to rule by dictate. At the heart of this vision is to force compliance upon it's users and behavior and gain privileged access to your bodies. Where you no longer have sovereignty over your bodies, but will be based upon what the government says is allowed.

The evidence is found in the forms of controls and legislation spreading throughout society; what we are allowed to do on the internet (Bill C11), what we are allowed to say and speak in the woke workplace, what medical advice we are allowed to listen to and follow, and what type of food we are allowed to eat. It's like we are living in a horror movie where the leaders of our country are using their power for their own purpose and trying to transform us into their own "cult"ure of their own liking.

Data is the 21st century oil and whoever owns the data owns the world's great resource - access to it's citizens. The Globalists no longer believe you should have the right to own your own data, but give them access to your information without question. This radical agenda of compliance, is only a cover to steal the riches of Nations and put them into the pockets of their choosing. This theft is already occurring in many forms and will only continue as they try to reset the whole financial system. Inflation is a form of theft and is a type of forced lending upon its citizens - a form of financial slavery.

One of the greatest thefts is inflation.

Recently, the liberals introduced a bill that would take away most of our guns, and criminalize those who are interested in a recreational sport or feeding their families. The liberals know that with creating a digital concentration camp, and with inflation going through the roof, most rural and conservative families will need their guns to go hunting and feed themselves. So why would they go and take away one of our most basic rights? Would they take our ability to feed ourselves away so they can force compliance?

Criminalize millions of hunting rifles
Gun Ban

The Liberals know that when they force their agenda through and make Canadians comply to their ideologies, that most Canadians will not rise and fight back. Canada has been taken over, and has allowed most of its freedoms to be stolen through the seduction of charismatic leaders offering false hope and promises.

We have allowed our freedoms to be stolen in a variety of forms, but most notably in our purpose. We have devoted our purpose to unhealthy lifestyles that have created unnecessary stresses and trauma. We have grinded for the pleasures of this life and as a consequence, leaders have taken advantage of our weaknesses and have created systems of slavery. Since most individuals have lost their sense of purpose and have lost their ability to know who they are, they have allowed the government privileged access to their bodies. They have put their trust in an institution that is leading them into a forced synthetic reality.

The focus of the Liberal and Globalist agenda is that our bodies will no longer be our own, but will be the property of the state. Where you will no longer have jurisdiction over your bodies, and your wealth, but the state will oversee your life. What that means is that our own sovereignty is at stake, and we see this issue at play in a variety of areas.

At a provincial level, we see Alberta and the Federal government go at it regarding the implementation of the Alberta Sovereignty Act. We also see this happening on an individual level, where our data is being sold to millions of corporations and large governments so they can determine the choices you make. Not only are they selling the data, but they are stealing it as well. Their desire is that you will not to be able to make choices, but those choices will be made for you. When those choices are made for you, you no longer have an identity based upon freedom, but now it is chained to system of enslavement. It is the 21st century of race wars, and it is being enacted by this woke agenda.

Genetic Engineering Race

The 4th Industrial revolution main purpose is to create slaves to serve their elitist desires. This is being done by feeding your data into a system where your algorithm in these tech surveillance platforms is forcing you into predictive programming. No longer, are you making choices, but your decisions are being predetermined for you by the maze they are creating. Do you like bananas, then no problem, here you go, ChatGPT and other new AI bots will determine the choices you are allowed to make. It is being programmed for you and it is also being legislated through government legislation. This is their circle of life, and there is no escape from it.

At the end of the day, you have to fight for the right to have a choice. What will you decide on becoming? Will you become a slave to the state and allow your government to make your choices and steal your identity through identity theft or will you rise up and become a free person and find your true identity, before they force you to accept theirs.

If you have a business idea or have a business - that is where we can help. We can help you become free from the system of slavery, and enter a system of freedom. Contact us to find out how to free yourself from the surveillance capitalism state. There are systems that grow beyond the control of government control and regulations. Find out how these systems can help you grow into the 21st century and don't allow your existence to be erased.

Lack of Purpose Erases your Existence

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