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North America's Social Credit Score

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

When Google first started, it seemed like they began with great intentions and wanted to change the world for the good by providing us with clean data and not using it to control our behavior. You could go on google and add your website to their system and it would be found based upon how well you understood the process. Small businesses could compete with the larger ones and a whole new era came forth as new players seized on new opportunities found in the digital world.

However, over time, the process became corrupted as Google and other platforms began to realize how powerful their platforms were. Data driven behavior replaced their value based solutions and so Web 2.0 shifted towards big data monopolies. They capitalized upon the Obama's digital economic health vision and Keynesian economic model by stealing your personal data for monopolized control. They forgot their mantra to "don't be evil" and are using technology to silence and destroy the foundations of a free society.

There is even a bigger shift that is happening and it is called the "Metaverse". Most of us, including myself, are so connected online, where we have two separated personalities, a real world and a digital one. With the emergence of web 3.0 technologies, their goal is to blend this line and use it as a way to buy your behavior. What if, their end game is to have total control and manipulation over you, your data and your life. Well let's take a look at the evidence.

Let's look at China's Social Credit Score and what they are trying to achieve.

Now, that wouldn't be too bad if Big Tech embraced the values of a free society's standards of exceptionalism and innovation, and wanted to use your data for your best personal gain and interest, but unfortunately, that isn't the case.

A video that was posted in 2019 was deleted from YouTube because it went against the Google Narrative of don't do evil. The video was of Billionaire investor Peter Thiel and he strongly suggested that the FBI and the CIA should investigate if Google has been infiltrated by Chinese intelligence.

According to a report from Axios has been taken down so you can't watch the original video. You will have to read the report rather than watch the video. (PS - Let me know if you find the video.)

The real question though isn't if Google is helping the Chinese Military, the question is how much, in what countries, and what leaders?

Unfortunately, we no longer live in a free society, but live in a world controlled by BigTech Giants who want to control, manipulate and decide on what is appropriate for your lives and certain type of behaviors. If they can control the information and what you see, then they can control what you believe. For example, when the frontline workers start speaking out against the COVID19 Fauci narrative

(This video has been taken down on multiple news sites and locations and could be removed soon.)

The question is "Why"?

Why are they trying to keep you from understanding and why has Google and other Bigtech operators strayed from their original intentions of creating good value? I have come to the conclusion that Big Tech is becoming big brother of the internet and are no longer interested in the values of humanity like creativity, innovation, and excellence.

This is why they practice Search Engine Manipulation by changing the result to what they want you to see. Search results no longer yield information in way that benefits society towards improving humanity, but yields in such a way that produces false narratives and realities driving towards a digital panacea - a controlled metaverse. A vision to control the world through through data driven behavior solutions, pushing towards a singularity event as suggested by Ray Kurzweil;

Will Ray Kurzweil's vision happen? The choice belongs to you and me and that is where the power is held: the world guided is by our Intelligent Design and the power to choose.

"Paul Root Wolpe: Ray Kurzweil has argued that we’re on our way to a singularity, that is that if you look at the change and the interaction of scientific fields over the course of the last century or so and you project it forward, what you see is not a linear progression, but an exponential progression, which means that as things change they’re going to change more rapidly so that the curve will mean that over a very short period of time we will make giant leaps in scientific sophistication."

We believe Intelligence design is the power behind the universe and is what powers our Web 3.0 growth platform and we would love to talk to you about how we can help you overcome censorship, data manipulation, and security issues.


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