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"MarketEdge.Pro is a deep-tech business growth consultancy delivering advanced customer research, strategic design thinking, and beautifully crafted digital/physical services to create incredible customer experiences that lead to Business Maturity.


At the core of our design process is the Business Wealth Index for building healthy growth within businesses so they can engage their customers and create the perfect product-market fit." in the age of Deep and Emerging Technologies.

Meet The Team
- The Biohackrs -

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Harvey Trauter

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Over the past 25 plus years, Harvey has been blessed to work with many excellent leaders and teams in both the corporate world and the nonprofit world. Working with high-performance teams is wonderful and the speed of execution and trust components needed to be a high-performance team is exhilarating.


Ngozi Lauman

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Being from Nigeria, the powerhouse of Africa, Ngozi brings a rare blend of leadership, culture, and international experience to the business world. Ngozi landed in Canada 12 years ago to embark on her Canadian adventure. She enjoys bringing value to our customers. This mosaic of diversity brings a richer and deeper experience to those who want excellence.


Guidel Olivas

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He currently serves as the Senior Manager of Global (Strategic) Relations and Special Operations at the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII), a US-based nonprofit that aims to disrupt the market of human trafficking, child exploitation, and child sexual abuse material (CSAM) through the advancement of prevention, detection, investigation, and reporting mechanisms.

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Perry Kundert

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I love researching, developing and applying novel techniques to confront practical monitoring, industrial simulation and control, and thermodynamic challenges. There may be order-of-magnitude improvements in cost, reliability or efficiency available to those interested in applying serious effort to crack difficult problems.


This could be you!

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Are you looking for an exciting career opportunity in the world of web3 development and other leading business growth solutions?  Our company is always on the lookout for exciting talent. If you are someone who wants to push their career forward into the business growth field and want to bring high-end solutions to our clients, then we want to meet. 


Other Team Members

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Our Consultancy hires a variety of professionals to execute the many types of services we offer. We hire Project Managers, IT Professionals, Web Developers, and other highly talented individuals. We assemble our teams based on the need of our clients and their projects. We are a fast-moving company, looking for individuals interested in playing in the deep waters of business. 

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