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Creating a legacy in business isn't easy and sometimes takes many years to accomplish. Along the way, we must face many business challenges to overcome and help nurture the business we are building. WEB 3.0 is about to change everything we know, and we must pivot into these new waters. Fortunately, you have come to the right place and we have a proven track record to help you become the captain of this new season by ACCELERATING your season of business mastery.  We have had many experiences in this business and have seen the following;

  • A STEAM Education Movement in the lower mainland of Vancouver, and internationally

  • An international Mental Health Revolution

  • Community Revival

  • and more!


If you are looking to join an exciting group of individuals looking to serve our local communities and businesses through your gifts, then you have found the place for you. Join us as we work on transitioning towards business mastery and freeing the business world from imposters and Ponzi scams!

Case Studies


Resilient Culture

Many companies are struggling with toxic work relationships and by repairing these fractured partnerships, significant increases in revenues, performance, and health outcomes are the result.


In this Use Case, we worked with a manufacturing company, and helped to repair the relationship with the President and the Vice President and created team unity with the rest of their team. 

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300% Growth

We work with a Mental Health client who is in 28 countries and works with 3500 applications such as the US Military, John Hopkins, and Duke University.  We helped them build a mental health movement with some of the leading international voices in Resilience.  By adopting some of our digital and growth strategies, they have built annual revenues from $750,000 that is now growing beyond $1.5 Million.

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Strategic Purpose

Many small businesses struggle to bring strategic alignment to their purpose, people, and processes and thus struggle in trying to increase the capacity of their organization while staying profitable.


In this Use Case we are working to rebuild the business process by building them a software application and create new opportunities in sales. 

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Building the necessary marketing solutions that are both engaging and highly functional is a science and an art. The digital space is constantly changing the algorithms on their platforms, causes many to struggle in understanding how to create agility and longevity in their solutions. 


In this Use Case,  we worked with our clients to develop their web solutions and create better engagement with their clients through social media marketing.


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In any business process, education is a big part of selling your products and then engaging with your customers on a regular basis. 

In this Use Case, we worked with this client to help them expand their virtual reality and build a Arduino robotics curriculum. This "metaverse" client sold hundreds of seats to our digital curriculum and we used their virtual reality to connect with students in China, Korea, and beyond. 

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Light Bulb


Being innovative in the world of rapid change forces us to be agile. However, many business models prefer to be static rather than adapt to change. This presents a difficult challenge in helping them transition to a different business model. 

In this Use Case, we worked with a tech client that brought its new platform to the marketplace and we helped them connect with their clients with our marketing segmentation and business development solutions.

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Andrew is excellent to work with and brought new ideas and strategies to my business. Highly recommended!

Art Bosma, Owner, Review Me Now

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