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The Woke Dragons you must overcome to find the treasure of ID-entity

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Imagine yourself in the most epic third player game and at the end of the game is a treasure that is waiting for your arrival. But, here's the thing, this treasure isn't your regular type of treasure where the rewards are for a moment, but this fortune will go with you for an eternity. Imagine a wealth that goes beyond the physical limitations of this reality, and enters into the realm of forever. What would you do for such riches? Well, guess what, there are some, like Klaus Schwab and his minions, who know how valuable your personal information is, and they are creating a synthetic system to steal that treasure from you. They are hell-bent on stealing your identity through this singularity, and it's up to you to fight for your right to be the authentic YOU.

For some of us, we began this journey of self discovery at an early age, where our imaginations were captured by media and where we became the heroes in these great adventures. Some of us began at Mario Brothers where we had to go each of the levels to find the hidden jewels throughout the game, and for others, it might have been Zelda, and then for some, there are exciting games like Minecraft or Slay the Spire. And then for movie lovers, they were captured by the Lord of the Rings, Narnia, the Matrix or other epic adventures. What we might not have realized was that we are actually living within a system of rules and the program is actually real, where we are living it out in first person player. We were crushing snakes when we were kids. The wealth was found in our imaginations and the ability to connect with stories, and we have lost that ability due to the synthetic matrix.

This reality game is on and is the great discovery is awaiting all of us. If you are reading this post, then you are being called - called to the greatest mystery of a lifetime. And you are not alone, many are awakening, and coming out out of this woke matrix, realizing that we have been gamed by the system. What is the matrix? This 21st century prison is a system that turns our data into points and is called surveillance capitalism or as Klaus Schwab says, the 4th industrial revolution. Where large data driven corporations like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, have taken monitoring our behavior and taking surveillance to a whole new level. A Orwellian type of level where they actually want to destroy your reality in hopes of building their own. They are using our data to build their own monetary system where credits are the tokens. Governments like China, where they are in bed with Google and other woke organizations, and have taken these ideas to create a social credit score. This credit score monitors your behavior, and is ranked by the government. You are rewarded by the system if you play by it's rules. If you leave the matrix and enter into your own rules, the corporate dragons try to beat you down until you come back, or even force you into compliance. The system is so powerful, that many are still trapped within it's confines, and continue to be it's slaves. However, many are leaving to find freedom on the other side of these prison doors to find a great promise land on the other side.

During this massive awakening, many of us are on a journey towards finding ourselves and understanding the role we are called to play in this life. Similarly, I used to be one of those who was on a path who enjoyed being in the culture of dependence. Where I was hurting others, and in doing so, was rewarded by a system that embraces the values of greed and selfishness. These types of rewards only emboldened my behavior where I lived a life that mostly hurt people. Jordan Petersen says that this type of narcissism is fueled by our desire to be in the top percentage of society and be one of the top influencers in my sphere of influence. This exploitation is one of the main reasons, our culture has become so depraved and darkened by pain and trauma induced by self gratification. This has only been accelerated by technology and the big tech agenda.

The trends of selfishness and narcissism has moved us towards a society that Dr. Robert Malone calls a mass formation effect. These incredibly destructive values are what are at the heart of what undermines the society and why we are seeing the darkness we are. These values, and behaviors are being adopted because of fatherlessness, and motherlessness. In Canada, we see this with more clarity than any other nation whereby we have a leader who is at the helm of one of the greatness nations, and is led by his own orphan spirit. Trying to outdo his father’s legacy of liberalism, he is cascading into a tunnel of unimaginable self love by inflicting horror upon our nation, and the nations of the world. Inflation, surveillance capitalism, corruption, poverty, and on and continues to push forward a narrative that pumps up his own self importance and delusion. His vision for grandeur is leaving the country and the world, woke in his wake. In an attempt to save the world from global warming, he is instead leaving it in global catastrophe by stealing democracy one freedom grab at a time.

This tyranny is embraced by many like Justin Trudeau and other first world leaders and are empowered and emboldened by many of the woke corporations throughout the world. They are using a system called ESGs and tying it into their own morality. This social credit type of system is already embraced by communist China, and is now being manifested by first world nations in a coordinated effort to control society. The World Economic Forum (WEF) and other world leaders have seen the power that this system wields in communist countries and are actively pursuing within their own countries and systems to legislate their own tyranny. In North America, many social justice warriors, mostly HR Directors and Manager, have taken over our corporations and have seduced their companies by implementing environmental, social, good (ESGs). This seduction of corporate power is the gateway in opening the North American social credit system.

However, the blame does not solely fall at the feet of Justin Trudeau, China, Woke Corporations, and other left progressive ideologies. Sadly, the true blame falls with the loveless church and it’s fallen state. If the North American church wasn’t so fallen and corrupted, our society would not be where it is today. Society is unfortunately a reflection of where the church is. Broken, corrupted and tainted by lovelessness. God is allowing our system to fail so that the church will wake up and rise to its destiny of Fathering our families, our communities, and our nations. When the church arises, and finds its destiny, then many will arise to find their ID-ENTITIES.

If you have made this far, in the story, the congratulate yourself - you are a person who loves truth. A great place for overcoming the woke agenda is to start is helping young entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Mentoring is one of our society's greatest places to help to find purpose and meaning. And this is why we mentor young people and help them find their dreams or in other words - their stolen identity. Helping others find their treasures, helps you find your own. If you know someone who needs helping in pioneering their dreams, then have them connect with us. We will make them dragon slayers by the end of this journey, and make you or someone you know look awesomely and awfully smart looking. :)


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