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Does CFIB gaslight the Independence of Free Business?

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

What will the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB) allow on their watch during vaccine mandates and government tyranny? Peacemakers force peace while Peacekeepers keep the peace. One causes genocides while the other causes peace.

Starting my new job at the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB) was looking to be a real blessing for myself and my family. Who wouldn't love working for a company whose primary role was advocacy for the independence of small businesses? You would have to be a communist to not believe in local businesses and local economies. I was excited to take on this new role as district manager for Kelowna, even though I heard about the rumblings of employees' censorship of their social media posts regarding covid19 or any anti-government sentiment. Wanting to do well at my job, I thought I could stay neutral on Covid19 and follow the company policy regarding their values based on being non-partisan.

My perspective on non-partisanship began to change after meeting with many small business owners seeing how they were being affected by COVID19 restrictions and the lack of CFIB advocacy wins, weak business services, and little business support. Most small companies were beginning to lose their appetite for a weak and antiquated CFIB platform. With business partnerships with a monopoly-like Telus and other giant corporations like Nova Scotia and Chase, most found the service models to be outdated and lacked any value.

In addition to offering weak business services, CFIB has had no significant advocacy wins over the past five years during bureaucratic-mandated lockdowns, massive deficit spending, purposeful misinformation regarding health orders, and other massive injustices to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals. When I confronted leadership within CFIB and Dan Kelly regarding these issues, their response was either misinformed or utterly ignorant of our civil law and liberties.

Here is a review that I left on Glassdoor and with Dan Kelly’s response;

Their advocacy over the past 5 years is so bad, that even Justin Trudeau supports CFIB. And that’s not the worse of it, CFIB uses this video as one of their marketing tools in reaching businesses. I don’t see Justin Trudeau praising the Canadian Taxpayers Federation or action in Canada who are standing up against his justinflation policies?

How is it even possible that Dan Kelly and CFIB do not understand the difference between bureaucratic orders coming from health officials and Canada's civil liberties regarding small businesses staying open? In times like these, their advocacy work should swing towards fighting for small business independence rather than being led by massive government overreach and partisanship. The president of CFIB and their leaders should know that this is a time to stand firm like the founder of CFIB once did against Pierre Trudeau? This was at a time, where Justin Trudeau's dad was interested in raising the corporate tax rate to 50%, John Bullock went to bat for small businesses by organizing a rally in a hall to stop this huge increase.

It makes you wonder if they have been so influenced by BIG government money that they no longer are fully invested in the independence of small businesses, but more guided by politics and maintaining a status quo reputation. Remember, being non-partisan is an easy way to curry favor with big government spending and big corporations like Telus and Nova Scotia, and land big "woke" corporate clients.

Here is a video of a former high-level employee speaking out against the current President and their ability to stand with small businesses at such a time as this. My question to Dan Kelly is why does CFIB shut out, fire, and push out dissenting views of their employees and keep them out of any influential circles within the organization if they indeed are for independence? Tom Fisher would like to know why as he calls for an independent audit into the finances of CFIB.

While some would argue that is still some value in their support services, remember that the organization is actively pushing forward policies towards the vaccine mandate. They do this by encouraging company's employers to lean on their employees to get vaccinated and offer owners strategies on implementing mandated vaccines through manipulation and fear-based modeling.

Why would CFIB want to encourage and support a social credit system type of government that controls companies and employees' actions and behaviors? Isn't this exactly the opposite of independence and free enterprise? Still, if this was the worse of the offense, this could be justified since surveillance capitalism is a new concept, and Dan Kelly doesn't comprehend the evasiveness of this technology and the shrewdness of our shaggy Prime Minister.

Unfortunately, at this time, most companies want to censor free independent thinkers and creativity in the workplace and commoditize their workforce as Douglas Rushkoff often speaks on through his platform Team Human. If Canada is going to survive open discrimination, loss of workplace rights, and civil liberties, then we must influence organizations like CFIB to become peacemakers and force the government's hand to end all restrictions and mandates.

If you are interested in keeping your civil liberties for your organization, and employees, please contact us and we will help you step in the right direction towards short-term and long-term success. We can do an audit of any CFIB's services you currently are using, and help you get connected to organizations who actually support our civil liberties.

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Angie Friesen
Angie Friesen
02 feb 2023

This article I feel is very relevant and I'm so happy I found this very informative article, thanks again for this! Angie

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