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The Culture of Narcissism, Vaccine Passports, and Mass Formation Psychosis

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

YouTube and LinkedIn are blocking this video based upon the concept of Surveillance Capitalism. They don't want people thinking for themselves, because that is a threat to the monopolies they have built, and they know it's is built upon death and destruction as the video reveals to the public.

Narcissism is one of the world's greatest threats to our society and has seeped into many levels of society. BigTech has built their platforms on self love - the selfie, and it is rooted upon people not caring for themselves and each other. People are so in love with themselves and their own lives that they don't care about other people. Narcissism is so deadly that it blinds you from loving even yourself to wellness and health.

Fauci, Theresa Tam, and Bonnie Henry can lie to a whole society and move an agenda of death forward without much resistance from the whole, because they know everyone is lost in the world of selfie culture. Churches, medical professionals, and other organizations who are supposed to stand for justice and protect the public by taking oaths with God or the public are backing down and complying with the forces of evil because they just don't care, they don't want to see the whole picture due to fear or greed, or they have lost their true purpose.

Robert Malone expands on this, by calling Mass Formation Psychosis and explains how whole cultures can be deceived into believe leaders like Fauci and Tam.

If these organizations that are meant to stand for justice, won't stop this movement of bioweaponry, then it will have to be stopped by the people.

A movement for the people, by the people, and for the people.

This is happening all throughout the world and we are seeing different nations end the mandates in favor of lighter controls and restrictions. This movement will be powered by love, truth and freedom and will have to overcome the spirit of narcissism and mass psychosis if it will have a long lasting effect to influence more leaders.

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