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The Rebel's Challenge
Do you have the courage
to take on the 



The 4th Industrial Revolution is currently happening, and most people are unaware of all the implications it is having have on our culture. Many don't realize, that the failing banks, increasing inflation, and out-of-control government spending, are purposely designed to crash the current economic systems and usher in a controlled digital economy similar to the China's credit social score using digital IDs and CBDCs.

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My Channel
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Laura Aboli “Transhumanism: The End Game”

Laura Aboli “Transhumanism: The End Game”

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The Rebel's Challenge - what will your Eternity look like?

The Rebel's Challenge - what will your Eternity look like?

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Going from zero to infinity!

Going from zero to infinity!

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The Rebel Event
21/03/2024 - 12pm PT

Meet The Rebel Leaders


Guidel Olivas

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He currently serves as the Senior Manager of Global (Strategic) Relations and Special Operations at the Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII), a US-based nonprofit that aims to disrupt the market of human trafficking, child exploitation, and child sexual abuse material (CSAM) through the advancement of prevention, detection, investigation, and reporting mechanisms.

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Perry Kundert

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I love researching, developing and applying novel techniques to confront practical monitoring, industrial simulation and control, and thermodynamic challenges. There may be order-of-magnitude improvements in cost, reliability or efficiency available to those interested in applying serious effort to crack difficult problems.


The Good News is that there is a powerful resistance that is rising up to stand against the Imperialist Empire. This resistance is made up of rebels and those who see that we must build new business systems and applications - a renaissance of our culture. These business artisans will be skillful in the application of business wisdom and will be able to build business maturity within organizations that align with humanity with human-centric systems.

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Who are the Key Influencers in the Parallel Economy and what are some of the major applications they are building? What business strategy do you need to be positioned in this 


What are the Key technologies and how can they be applied to your business applications. What CYBER attacks or Black swan events could cripple your digital infrastructure?


What banks are safe and which ones aren't? We will discuss how you can create your own banking systems with crypto, independent banks and other assets.


Don't be shadow-banned and censored in the age of surveillance capitalism. Leave the Big Tech platforms and join tech solutions that won't leave you out in the cold!

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