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By answering the Why you find the way. 

The thing is, the continuity of strategic direction and continuous improvement in how you do things are absolutely consistent with each other. In fact, they're mutually reinforcing.

Michael Porter

Strategic Planning is one of your greatest tools for driving purpose throughout an organization. Unfortunately, 91 percent of teams are not in alignment with their vision and so a lack of execution exists. Most companies either have lots of vision and fail to execute or they are very tactile are able to accomplish a lot of work but fail to be strategic in their scope of work. They key is to unite the vision with the tactile segment of the organization and create purpose. Strategic planning allows teams to execute at a much higher level of influence and creates the authority to overcome the division that will come to try to divide the organization. 


“For us to fail to prepare,”  he said, 

“is to prepare to fail.”

E. B. Gregory

Many companies struggle to build significant marketplace authority due to their inability to create customer-centric cultures that work together and have a common purpose. Most leaders miss out and don't realize that when their employees are engaged, so will there customers.

I had the distinct pleasure of working with Andrew for the past few months at The Resilient Mind as I transitioned from an advisory role to an active role within the company. Andrew is a brilliant strategist and networker who brings passion and enthusiasm to his work. He has played a significant role in building the foundation to roll out the Resilient Mind programs into a marketplace desperate for science-backed resilience training.

Randy Lennon

Whether you are a leader of a sales team, the owner of a small business or an executive of an enterprise company, our growth platform will ensure you will find success by the implementation and execution of our business strategies. 

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