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The future of AI is here with ChatGPT and is leading the the emerging tech movement.


Digital Transformation will allow us to connect to our audiences in deeper and more interactive ways.  We will no longer have to access digital mediums by 2D interfaces, but instead, the digital will become ubiquitous.


Collecting 3D data will allow us to share our experiences through a variety of different mediums and create incredible utility for companies.



This small business is using our 3D story to give an interactive experience into their cohosting space in Kelowna. 

Experience coming soon!


Marketedge.Pro brought the metaverse to hundreds of students through our education company. Students from Canada, China, Korea and other locations found a new way to engage in education and training like never before. 

Video coming soon!


We are working with a Web 3.0 startup and will be launching their website soon. This will incorporate some of these new web 3.0 features.

Experience coming soon!

These technologies will allow us to digitally clone our physical locations and turn information into real time data. Our organizations will have interactive digital twins online and pulling data from both online and the physical to greatly enhance the customer experience.


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