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Our primary focus is to work with distressed companies and turn them around towards healthy growth. Our business growth platform increases the performance of organizations by bringing strategic alignment to their Purpose, People, and Processes. We combine three main business models within our platform; Agile, OKR's, and Organizational Health that integrate to drive business excellence.  

While our business strategies can be incorporated into small business operations and also scales into larger organizations and other deep-tech solutions, we focus on turning struggling business into thriving organizations. 


Business Growth Solutions for Increased Customer Engagement

  1. Influence Marketing - Stage 1 growth

  2. Innovative & Automation Strategies - Stage 2 growth

  3. Exponential Leadership - Stage 3 growth



Many small businesses have a large and steep learning curve to ride out before they enjoy success. Unfortunately, too many of them fail in the first few years and become victims of the harsh realities of trusting the wrong road signs along the way. With so many trends working against small businesses in Canada and other socialized countries, we want to change the losing trend among small business and create a culture of winning.  

Jennifer Henczel, Founder

Connect Now Business Network

Andrew is a great person who loves to initiate new ventures with people. He has a high level of intelligence and capability to bring solutions to whatever issues might be in the way. Andrew has a way of communicating with people that draws them into whatever he is selling or marketing.

Cory Fry, Account Exec

CGI Health and Human Services

Andrew is driven to succeed. He handles reality extremely well for being a man of great vision. He applies sound business wisdom coupled with a passion to his work. He pursues business with integrity and is an advocate for social justice.

Will Spencer, Founder

Spentech Solutions

I have worked with Andrew for several years, and have found him to be a reliable and intelligent colleague. He is personable and considerate in his dealings with others, and an excellent communicator. Andrew saved our company substantial amounts of money by solving challenging issues inexpensively and thoroughly. I recommend Andrew for any position that requires tenacity, intelligence and amicable communication.

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