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Unlocking Unlimited Opportunities in AI, Robotics, and Emerging Tech - Event Jan 18, 2024

Interested in unlocking the future of AI tech and applying it to your current business applications? April Moss, Colton Cranston, Perry Kundert, and others will fill us in on what is happening in the world of AI, Blockchain, Robotic Farms, and other emerging tech solutions. Where we start to understand what the Exponential Organization is, and how AI is only a starting point in the discussion of the new Web3 infrastructure.

Governments, Multinationals, and international influencers are listening to what April has to say, and are starting to utilize the technologies she has created. She will then share how we can implement these future technologies within our organizations in the immediate future such as by utilizing platforms like, and chatGPT. This is a great opportunity for small businesses to move into this new era of Tech Innovation.

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