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The Winning Strategy for Freedom Lovers

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

With the world moving towards a globalist agenda with the push towards a vaccine passport, there are a few strategies we can adopt to help us push through their discrimination and find the winning path. Here are a few strategies we can adopt to help us overcome these dark days.

  1. Technology - The 4th industrial revolution that is being pushed by globalist radicalism is being advanced by the social credit system in China. The backbone of the social credit system is technology and it's vision has come from Ray Kurzeil's singularity. Winning against this darkness will be done by decentralizing control through spirituality and technology. On the technology front, we can win through the development of Web 3.0 platform, by bringing this technology to the forefront of this movement. As more distributed apps begin to appear and be developed, we will start to win. The keys will be able to scale our solutions and communicate without being censored.

  2. Government - In Canada, the PPC is the best government for winning against the surveillance government systems in 2021. Both the Liberals and Conservatives are sold out to this globalist agenda and can no longer be trusted. What ridings can be won and what is the strategy towards winning them? Let's win a couple of seats at this election than win the next election if Erin O'Toole continues with his globalist agenda. If Erin is booted out of leadership and another takes his place like Pierre Poilievre, or Leslyn Lewis, then the Conservatives could tap into the Donald Trump mojo.

  3. Strategy - What is your outreach strategy when each of the events happen? Are you collecting emails and information and then is this going into a database? At the event in Kelowna, that didn't happen and you are missing out on 90 percent of the people attending these events, looking to learn more. These events have to be strategic. These events are huge, how are you leveraging to build more momentum? Our side completely lacks in strategy - how will we become strong in strategy and start to win in this category - and is the key in this winning against these wicked leaders like JT. We have to strip them of this is strength as they are leveraging the media and technology to win. Then using technologies that will not be used against us like they used against Donald Trump. Salesforce cut the legs out from Donald Trump's campaign so be wise in what you are using.

  4. Health - Many doctors and health professionals are no longer standing on their oaths to protect us from the Government and Pharmaceutical lies. While these professionals are lying, how can we hold them accountable to these oaths? The kingdom church and other believers can come into this place and bring them before God and call them to account for their lies and deceptions. If you are not a kingdom believer, then engage with your local church and if these churches are not standing against these evil agendas, then kick these leaders out of your communities, for they are wolves in sheep's clothing and they don't belong in your communities.

  5. Creativity - Many news organizations have moved against reporting truth and are using deception as the cloak to cover the truth. This is their weakness and so how can we use creativity to win by bringing light to these dark places? For example, Castanet is in the tank for their globalist agenda, well then let's create alternative news sources and take their advertising budget from them so they start to lose money until they have to close and be castaways! Instead of them taking the war to us, take it to them. Cowardice is the opposite of courage and strength, and it takes the values to be able to create. I explore this topic in this blog.

More strategies and solutions to come. It's time to win these battles so the main war is won.

Contact our team if you want a strategy for your business or life so you are not building upon these world systems. We are building out the Web 3.0 growth platform, let us know how we can build with you for a winning future.

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