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Is the Parallel Economy an antidote to the Woke Culture business model?

Updated: Feb 12

You might have been around when MySpace stormed the scene and Social went viral. For the first time, the internet had the ability to connect us and allow us to feel like a community. People from all over the world were meeting, and finding each other like never before.

However, before long, Facebook came, and many of us left MySpace to jump years into this new platform. The reason people left MySpace wasn't because the product was superior, even though it was, it was because the conservative crowd ended up hating the advertisements and other cringe features that we were being spammed with on MySpace. Before long, a massive exodus happened, and the 500M Rupert Murdoch's failed venture.

We are now re-entering the same Chronos moment in history, and many are about to leave Big Brother to find green pastures. Over the past 10 years, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and other tech platforms have feasted upon the information that you have provided into their algorithms and they have gotten fat. I mean really, really fat to the point that if you try to go against this trend, they then marginalize you, censor you, and keep you in a digital prison of misinformation. You might have heard of it - it's called Woke Culture.

Campuses across North America have been led down the road of Corporate Fascism where they no longer understand the principles of humanity and instead embrace the ideology of Transhumanism. Where our humanity has been decoupled from our labor and is no longer a valuable part of business. AI will and is replacing humanity at an alarming rate and will continue to do so until we all submit to this new world order - or so they hope.

However, against all odds, there is hope, and it is the newest trend in the marketplace. It's called the Parallel Economy and it's coming to the city and country near you. There are many people who awakening to what's going on in our countries and are looking for alternative solutions to the corrupt business practices they see happening all around them. There are some who see what is happening and want to be connected with business owners who share a common vision of what the future should look like; where they see the parallel economy as an antidote to the woke system that they see.

Unfortunately, there are those who don't want this to happen and they are doing everything within their power to allow freedom to happen. These powers are being channeled through the WEF, and most governments in the world are aligning with their values. However, you can stop that from happening, and be in a movement that will be bigger and louder than the trucker's convoy. Soon, leaders across the world will be hearing about this movement.

Currently, one of the main players in this space, Public Square, is about to go public and will be one of the many platforms looking to disrupt the Woke Left. Rumble went public a few months ago and has seen significant traction over the past few months and year. Gab, one of the early innovators in this space, really coined the idea and concept, and it has gained steam ever since. In the video below, Andrew of Red Balloon sits down with the CEO of Public Square to discuss the Parallel Economy and what it means for small businesses across NA and the world.

While these latest victories are very encouraging to see, we have a long way to go before we see our culture move back towards freedom/conservatism values and a massive migration away from the Surveillance State. The WEF and world governments are about to set up the Digital ID, and most companies will adopt this strategy due to the lack of awareness of why this is such a devastating move.

Most people have bought into the idea that tech only improves their lives, and with Chat AI and the AI Singularity movement, and are plunging into the Metaverse without even knowing it. Many of my conservative friends and families fall within this domain and do not realize how big of a threat this poses to their lives.

The good news is that we have a lot of momentum going into the Parallel Economy. Many online are posting on it, and starting to share their own stories regarding their experiences with the woke culture. The bad news is that the WEF is a very sophisticated and well-oiled machine and has an incredible amount of resources backing its Bio-Engineered strategy.

Most of the Fortune 500 companies in the world have bought into this one-world system and are looking to continue moving in this elitism ideology. The winning formula is going to be those who arise and will stand against this narrative by being rebellious entrepreneurs. Are you up for the challenge of finding hope in the midst of tyranny? Are you willing to take on the Woke Dragons to find the gold? Then you have come to the right place to find the adventure of a lifetime!

Set up a time with me and receive the Parallel Economy Report on the movers and shakers and where the best opportunities are in this space!

Do you have a story you would like to share with me? Please comment below or send me an email. Would love to hear how the Woke Culture has affected your ability to find work or be productive. Here is the story of a lady who broke free from the communist regime of North Korea, got sold into sex slavery, and then made it to America to start her own business. This is the type of rebellion that needs to happen!

While we all navigate survival using the empire's currency, there exists a rebel dream: an opportunity for networks of mercenaries to evolve into networks of mutual services. ​If you are called to be a rebel and stand against the empire, then let's connect and unlock the code to business wealth.


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