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CBDC Tokenized Debt vs Private Ownership -Part 3

Updated: Apr 20

Klaus Schwab is infamous for saying "You will own nothing, and you will be happy".

Welcome to The New Economy of Usury of your Behavior

In Part 1 of this series, I discussed how Crypto was going to disrupt the financial world.

How Crypto is about to disrupt the Fiat business model - Part 1

In Part 2 we went over how the purposeful collapse of the banking systems was to push us into the CBDC monetary system.

Alternative Banking Solutions are overcoming Operation Choke Point - Part 2

The CBDC system will be based upon the tokenization of securities where everyone will no longer own their assets, but will be owned by the government. This new economy will be based on your behavior and your ability to comply to their forced compliance through the One World Digital Currency called the UMU.

In the first stage of the destruction of the monetary system, we moved from Gold to Oil.

Household Wealth is down by 13.5 trillion in 2022

Now the new asset class will be data and tracking those assets through the government blockchain. All transactions, including your behavior, will be recorded on the blockchain and your social status will be governed accordingly.

They are now crashing the dollar to move us into a new asset class - the CBDC backed by the ownership of humanity's information and assets on their blockchain. This shift will happen through the tokenization of securities as the BlackRock CEO predicts.

Many of the management and middle class jobs and wealth will be destroyed in this new transition, and those who are not wise, will become dependent upon the AI Singularity as their source of resources.

The key to freedom in this new economy will to be a part of the Parallel Economy. To overcome what is coming, you will need to enter in a new community of people who can help you find the Kingdom of God infrastructure, and this new model of wealth creation will be a part of creating living systems and entering into ownership.

Let's talk about how we can help you transition from Government Con