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Living Systems will disrupt the 4th Industrial Revolution

Updated: May 9, 2023

Updated - 2023/03/22 - By Andrew Lauman

Welcome to Marketedge.Pro, a company where we advance the concepts of living systems through the design and the implementation of increasing the Business Maturity in healthy, empowering, and decentralized ways.

Marketedge.Pro purpose is to find systems to benefit our lives and humanity. Systems should be human centric, and not data centric. When we build along side of these natural systems, they coordinate in patterns that create sustainability. When we align ourselves with the laws of natural order, then they allow us to create Agency, Autonomy, and Security. If we are going to save the planet, this is how we are going to do it - by designing human centric systems. Holochain, and other open-source architecture are examples of living systems and what businesses need to embrace for long term, and mature growth.

Conversely, Big Tech, Big Government, Big Pharma, and other data-driven governing institutions haven't aligned with natural systems, but have aligned themselves with building their own centralized concentrations of power. While their motives and intentions may appear to be good and look desirable, their patterns of organizing are not sustainable. The WEF is pushing towards a transhumanist agenda where all systems will be designed around the centralization of power and money. This agenda is called the 4th industrial revolution, and is happening throughout the world.

If we oppose these centralized business models and align our business systems with living business models then we will create a future of prosperity, or the emerging market called the Parallel Economy.

We have created a living systems index and we are positioning it as the business wealth index. This index empowers business leaders and organizations to align their organizations with these natural systems, and overcome the woke agenda.

This image highlights the distinction between Living systems and data-drive machine like operations.

Currently, many organizations and individuals have been seduced into this culture of WOKE, and due to the censorship and miseducation within our societies, many have lost their way in the wake of their movement. Therefore many are being forced into compliance with this system. In forcing compliance, this system will not be able to find diversity, and without diversity, it will not be able to maintain itself for long term growth. Life was never meant to be forced into compliance, and once it is, then it will seek a way towards diversity, freedom and non-conformity.

These centralized systems are meant to be managed by humans, not for humans to be managed by them. Paul Root Wolpe explains why Ray Kurzeil's vision for the future is too narrow and unrealistic for it to be realized, and why it will ultimately fail.

The WEF has used Genesis as their playbook for ownership and are trying to take over the domain of ownership. They are doing this in 5 key ways, and they are using the bible as their war strategy. Sound familiar? Anyone we know that has done this before?

Well, the good news is this; when we take back our Christ given authority and allow God's kingdom to supersede their plans for evil, then His Kingdom comes to earth through His will and that will is for everyone to enter into ownership. Let's meet to discuss what ownership looks like in the modern age.

Welcome to Life.

Welcome to Healthy Living Systems.

Welcome to the Marketedge.Pro.

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