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The Digital ID and it's Reputation Concentration Camp! Part 1

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

There is a power struggle that is happening right now, and the battleground is over your identity. All throughout your life, and everything you do, is going to be based upon your IDENTITY. Your identity is what defines YOU as a person and is at the core of the future for digital transformation and the 4th industrial revolution.

This identity is what gives you your uniqueness and distinguishes you from every person, and recognized institution. This identity was given to you when you were created, and how you manage it will determine how successful you are in life. Your identity is how people recognize you, and how they understand your nature, and is the brand of you. It is the master key to a incredible future and what will govern everything in the now and in the future, and it is your SUPERPOWER.

Depending on your culture and how you have been raised, your identity will be defined by your beliefs and will influence your behaviors. There are natural and human limitations and restraints on your ability to interact with your environment, and are called the standard operating procedures of the universe or (SOPs). There SOPs are found everywhere, and they govern every area of our lives. These SOPs are viewed through the lens of society, and then adopted as laws and rules, and determine the way we are live our lives.

These laws and rules, then create our cultures and shape and form our perception on who we are called to be. The two highest orders in the universe are created from Order or from Chaos. Evolution isn't create from randomness, but instead it is created Chaos. What the scientific community wants you to believe is that we were created from nothing, but they are wrong in how they are describing nothing. Interstellar tackles this very nuanced subject regarding nothing and chance.

As we align ourselves to Order or Chaos, our own identity is created and formed on how we chose to interact, respond and connect. Most institutions in first world countries believe we were created from Chaos, and so align their SOPs from this influence. This scientific rationale is how most Governments build their legislations and laws, how education teaches students, organizations create missions, and businesses find their best practices.

These standards organize themselves into culture and affect our ability to choose between right and wrong. If your culture aligns with Chaos, then you will be from an understanding that chooses from this perspective.

Our choices will ultimately lead us towards a path of love or fear. This energy of love and fear plays out in a variety of ways, and can be used to advance good or evil. Governments is an area of authority that has a significant influence in our lives. We can discern if a system or a process is meant for good is when we are allowed to choose how our lives our governed and how our behaviors are shaped.

Is the Government deciding on a form of Government that aligns with a universe created from Intelligent design or one created from Chaos?

Are we allowed to be governed in were we have the ability to choose or will be forced to choose the options put before us? Where we no longer have a choice, but everything is an algorithm based upon our social credit score. This choice allows us to have sovereignty, and determines who owns your Identity. This is at the front lines of the war they should be inalienable and free from the control of big government, big tech, big pharma, and other corrupt institutions that don't care about you.

Our passport to daily living is our identity and what allows to interact with everything in this created reality. Corrupted Governments, Corporations, Medical Companies are now using systems to track you, monitor you, and determine the life you will live based upon their values.

These biometrics give them the data Governments need to create their own social credit scores and how they will track you through their customer journeys. They will decide on the type of car you will drive, the level of healthcare you will access, and your next big corporates job. All of this data is what defines you, and this will be your NEW digital ID.

Your NEW Digital ID will track how much pollution you create, how many children you are allowed to have, how far you can travel, what type of food you can eat, and etc. Based upon this reputation, then this will determine the amount of access you will gain.

Your future digital wallet will determine if you can pass through the gate and the gatekeepers of this controlled society. Some of the gatekeepers hold the keys to your access to privilege and will force you to comply to their mandates and restrictions. Forced into a morality by using a set protocols to make you comply by or the SOPs.

The main protocol they will require is your identity passport, and these digital police will require you to comply with their system. It will be very soon, where you won't be able to transact in this emerging society without a digital wallet. COVID19 and the vaccine passports were a push towards the mass adoption of digital identities and your allowed access.

Currently in Australia, a social credit system is being rolled out as we speak;

An important aspect of culture, is your government and the laws they place upon these beliefs and what they say is acceptable and isn't acceptable. A way to govern these behaviors is by identifying what and how you go about living your life. Depending on your government's perspective, they want to use this lens to govern your life. These systems are the way you live and are the compass for your life, and they are all around you, and it governs your life and your reputation.

Fortunately, we still have window of time, where we don't have to comply to this "Forced" agenda, and where our lives and businesses do not have to be tied into the system. However, this window of opportunity will be short lived, and it is important to start building systems that allow us to disrupt this surveillance state and create systems of wealth. Let's connect to discuss how you leave the control of the AI Singularity and continue to find freedom in this world.


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