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The Creatives will disrupt BigTech - The NFT revolution is coming

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Right now, we are on the verge of a massive disruption coming to the tech world.

The year was 1979 and MTV was about to launch their first music video. They knew they were on the verge of a huge revolution and the era of radio was about to be disrupted with video. Little did FM/AM know that its best days were about to be far behind them.

Buggles - Video killed the radio star 1979

What was about to happen, was one of the biggest revolutions of all time. Music became digital and was easily accessible to a much wider audience than radio. This trend became more and more evident as more and more acts used T.V. to reach their audiences. Rio, Boy George, the Police, Depeche Mode, New Order, and others took advantage of this massive platform. It did take long before this platform introduced us to such musicians as Michael Jackson, U2, Madonna, Prince, Whitney Houston, etc.

So while TV introduced us to a massive diet of TV musical waves, many never anticipated that something bigger was coming. TV was the appetizer and the Internet was the main course. The internet was what opened the door to online media and it wasn't long before YouTube (Facebook and Apple) had found its own revolution by 2005. This revolution belonged to the creative artist in all of us and every artist who was able to produce content could do so for free and some reached millions of people with viral videos. The rock stage no longer belonged to the famous, but now everyone had access. It was an avenue to connect the unknown to fame and fortune and everyone was buying tickets into this new way of connecting and this changed humanity.

What many didn't realize was that YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms were using this massive stream of revenue and were pocketing the majority of it while stealing from many of its artists. Where Thom Yorke says that YouTube steals art 'like Nazis during second world war'. Not only is Radio Head and others speaking out against YouTube and its thievery, but other artists are realizing the massive pain tech is causing society. In this video, Moby & The Void Pacific Choir looks at the consequences of social media and its effect on people.

We are now at a breaking point where the platform is changing the way society interacts with people. YouTube, Facebook, and other Tech giants are demanding that we live by the rules they have newly created and if we don't, then we are removed from their platforms. Conservatives, Progressives, and others who speak out against their oppressive rules and ideas are eliminated. Not realizing that this oppressive spirit comes against the creativity that created it. It's not the platform that creates art, but it's the art that creates the platform.

YouTube and other Tech companies would be extremely wise to remember this rule; don't bite the hand that feeds you creativity because if you do then things can change rapidly.

This is where we see a shift in the marketplace and were the NFT revolution is coming! This will be the next blog.

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