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Crowdsourcing the Narrative Goes Local

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

Over the weekend, a local media company iNFOnews Kelowna, attacked Ron Cannon, our company, and our client because we choose to stand against the narrative being committed against humanity by BIG media, BIG government, and BIG pharma. The following article is an example of a reporter smearing a politician because he stands against the WOKE culture and not accurately reporting the news, but bending towards his own narrative.

The reason, these organizations hate independent news, and free small businesses is because they struggle to understand the nature of freedom and what it represents. The woke agenda is driven to feed it's own narcissistic desires, because it doesn't have the courage to be independent in a culture that is oppressed by FEAR and CORRUPTION.

The evidence is clear, that there is an agenda behind the Vaccine mandates, but those in positions of power do not want to shift or take on the Globalist narrative. Instead of exposing Big Pharma and Government and it's agenda to steal life from the elderly, the weak, and the oppressed, they are choosing to side with corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Why is that? The question needs to be asked - why would they pretend to CARE A LOT when they clearly don't? In the Movie "I Care A LOT", the narrative of big Pharma and it's agenda is exposed in an accurate way.

This is why we choose to stand with our client, GetAwake, and continue to support their vision for freedom from Tech Surveillance, Media dishonesty and Government corruption. Breaking free from the intimidation from these large corporate interests and finding freedom in truth, is one of the greatest acts of courage you will accomplish in this time of oppression, and opposition.


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