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CFIB tops the Woke Business Index

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

For over a couple of years, we have been confronting Dan Kelly and the CFIB on their woke policies by posting Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts hoping to stop the globalist government plans to take over independent small businesses. Some of our latest discussion with the President of CFIB, Dan Kelly, can be found here;

More importantly, than confronting Dan Kelly on Independence, we have been making the main issue about Ownership. This is important because the main objective of globalism is to take away all our sovereign freedoms through owning everything about our identity.

It is becoming abundantly clear that the globalists plan on taking away everyone's freedoms through the

where we will only be able to purchase what they say we can buy. Recently, the European Central Bank President reveals plans to launch a digital euro (CBDC), says there will be control over payments.

Since Dan Kelly, and CFIB continue to persist to stay on this path of surveillance globalism we will now dedicate the Woke Business Index to them and why CFIB tops the

Woke Business Index

Currently, their are approximately 96,000 (plus) small independent businesses, that purchase memberships from the CFIB. From this 96,000 small businesses, millions throughout Canada and the world are reached through their influence. What if we can reduce that number to 40,000 memberships or even lower, and use this as a way to influence CFIB? What would happen? I think that would shift their perspective and how small businesses think? Don't you? Then if they became the CFIB of old, then we could win Canada back from the dark recesses of tyranny.

This is how the Digital Identity will be used to keep Canadians under lock down
Digital Identity

To accomplish this, we will use the Digital ID, The Social Credit Score and other government surveillance systems to analyze the CFIB ranking, and determine how woke they are. Then in future applications, use this index to help other businesses to assess their own business independence from Government overreach and help create autonomy.

CFIB used to be a powerful organization, and it is because they use to confront the government on many important issues that affected small business freedoms like tax, inflation, and visa rates. However, they have become outdated, and outsmarted by powerful agencies looking to steal our freedoms. Let's use this framework to wake up CFIB and businesses across Canada to open their eyes to the increasing government control that is coming their way through the implementation of CBDCs.

Recently, at one of many meetings, Pierre Poilievre explained Woke as this;

No more woke - We need freedom!

May this be the mantra cry we have going into the next season of control and manipulation by big government, and big businesses.

No more woke - We need freedom!

Do you want to join this movement? Then let's connect and discuss what that looks like.

Let's Take back Canada one business at a time by waking up the sleeping giant CFIB that once stood strong against overreaching governments.

No more woke - We need freedom!

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