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Alternative Banking Solutions are overcoming Operation ChokePoint - Part 2

Updated: Apr 7

How Crypto is about to disrupt the Fiat business model - Part 1

Small Independent businesses are the backbone of the Canadian Economy. One great resource for small businesses are the local banks like the Credit Unions and other independent solutions. In the latest round of bank failures and financial crisis, we see this wiping out the small independent banks. Those standing will be the larger banks that are tied into CBDCs as predicted by Edward Dowd.

Not that this is surprising. Ron Paul has been sharing this views on end the Fed and the corrupted banking system for years.

With bank failures occurring once again, the topic of "fractional reserve banking" is getting some much needed attention. How do banks work in the current "system"? Is it how banks should work? Banking is a legitimate and valuable service. However, when banks work in collusion with government, it produces nothing but trouble. Business and government must be kept separate. Banking is certainly not an exception.

"People fall in love with the shiny object, and in the case of FTX it turned out to be a fake," says legendary short seller Marc Cohodes. "The world right now lacks people's ability to actually think. The more I dug in on Silvergate's clients, one was worse than the next [Signature Bank]," he tells Daniela Cambone. "I told people Silvergate is a publicly traded crime scene and the CEO needs to go to jail,"

We had an event back in April and we discussed how the government was trying to control the global dollar, and how they wanted to roll out the CBDC. This was part 1 of this discussion, and you can read it here. The government is at war with the crypto community and alternative banking communities and are targeting any banks that are working with crypto companies. Chokehold 2.0 turns out to be true as crypto remains targeted by big bank and the smaller banks struggle for survival. Kim breaks down the latest banking crisis news.

One of the main things that these experts are missing is that this is a planned process and this is called the 4th Industrial Revolution. When we start to see that this is planned, and it intention behind it, then we will see the mass adoption of what is the truth.

What are the solutions to this Banking crisis? None on a global scale, but there are some alternative solutions and you can receive them in our free report on the Parallel Economy. As this economy continues to build, then there will be solutions on a global scale.

We have some wealth solutions, and alternatives and we have been sharing them over the past 10 plus years. One of the greatest assets in this time of wealth destruction is your business and it's legacy. Is it secure in this time of great risk? We have solutions to keep you safe in this time of great turmoil where you will have autonomy, agency, and security.

Let's chat to help you find secure ground.

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