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Six Degrees of Market Segmentation

Did you know that Microsoft proved that there are only 6 degrees of separation between you and every person in the world? What if we applied this same principle to the business world and used it to increase our ability to network with other people? What if there was a company that could help you remove these degrees of separation until you found that one person or opportunity you were looking for to advance your business? Well, that’s what we do. At MarketEdge.Pro, we help you unlock the doors that separate you from your next incredible opportunity and help you build your marketplace authority.

While 8 in 10 small businesses go out of business and others are caught in a cash flow crunch or having HR issues, you can avoid this trend. MarketEdge.Pro helps companies unlock the power of their business and marketing efforts and connect them with their customers in a way that goes much deeper than your regular marketing company. We use market analytics, advanced behavioral science and innovation to give you the MarketEdge!

You are only one step away from unlocking unlimited market potential and being a MarketEdge Pro;

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