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Tyranny is generally accepted as a severe form of government that is led by an incompetent leader who is both cruel and oppressive. These leaders are known as “tyrants,” and an example of tyranny is a government that controls its citizens with fear. As a result of being otherwise unfit to lead, the ruler may attempt to keep his power by becoming increasingly cruel and authoritarian toward his nation’s citizens, infringing upon their rights in the process. 

We are living in unprecedented times where corruption, tyranny, and greed have collided to form a narrative specifically designed to destroy small business, entrepreneurial-ship, innovation, and commerce. We are now living in an age where, the health authority is imposing its will upon the people without evidence-based health outcomes, and it is destroying many of the freedoms and rights in our democratic nations. This assault is taking away our ability to conduct commerce with one another freely, and without restriction. Borders have been shutdown, social distancing imposed and every day, businesses are being burdened with extra layers of bureaucracy. If we are going to get through this, we will have to make sure small businesses stay open and we keep life moving forward without government shutdown. The video below are only a few examples of what is happening in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and other democratic nations.