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Those who hold the highest positions in government should be the ones beholden to the laws that govern science. When they break these laws then they should be equally held responsible to their position of authority and to the degree they have broken their oath to protect the people who elected them.

“The goal of (health) education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.”


There is a dangerous agenda by BIG Tech, BIG Pharma, and BIG Government to censor the internet, medical research, and holistic medicine and control what DATA (information) we receive. In the article, Big Tech, Censorship, and Search Engine Manipulation Effect, we discuss why big tech is purposely trying to hide and censor valuable and sensitive information from the public.  This is happening across many sectors in the medical field and are actively removing all factual posts on Ivermectin, and Hyrdoxychloroquine and its medicinal studies, and research.


Big Pharma has banned HCQ and ivermectin while allowing other dangerous drugs to remain active in the system. We will explore this topic and look at the possible reasons why this information is being banned, suppressed, and censored even though doctors have taken their oath to protect the public.


Evidenced-based outcomes should be at the core of our health solutions and we are not seeing this with COVID19.