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The Metaverse is here, and many are starting to awaken to see how powerful these Web 3.0 technologies are. With Elon Musk recently purchasing Twitter and freeing the platform of censorship and extremism, the world is incredibly engaged with these current events. Even world leaders as world economies are looking to embrace Digital Currencies as their means to finance. 

Building a powerful tokenomics strategy for Web 3.0 will be at the heart of how you create a long-term solution and with it, your METAVERSE reputation in these new operating systems of the decentralized web. 

As a leading web 3.0 business agency with over ten plus years of experience in these technologies, we have helped many schools and private institutions expand into robotics and virtual reality programs. These programs saw a dramatic increase in the number of students enrolled and their ability to connect with international students in virtual enviroments.


You now have a window to jump into this space, don't miss it; it won't be open for long.

As a leading business Web 3.0 agency, we have sophisticated technology tools and savvy consultants, to help your business determine with confidence which aspect of the metaverse you would like to build.  

Web 3.0 Solutions

  • Augmented Realities and Virtual Realities (ARVR) are now becoming a necessary part of our business solutions as we see our opportunity to connect in the real world becoming increasingly closed off due to world events. ARVR allows us to connect over the internet and experience our audience in innovative and interactive ways. With world conditions becoming increasingly complicated and constantly changing, emerging technologies are helping us to connect indirect and guided ways.

  • Gamification

  • NFT Strategy

  • Tokenization

  • Blockchain and Holochain protocols and development

  • dApps and hApps development

  • DAO business strategy

More to come!



On behalf of all the kids who were thrilled to experience a hands-on activity using robotics, I want to say Thank You! Not only were the students impressed but also the parents and the teachers.

Leslie Weddington, principal of the FVDES

Thanks! Message sent.

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